Reformed Altres (since 2003)

We like playing live. Can you set us up with a gig? Anything interesting considered. Contact us with details.

Date Venue
6 April 2019 Prog in the Park, The Glen Pavillion, Dunfermline
29 November 2017 Beat Generator, Dundee with Bdy_Prts
8 October 2017 Broadcast, Glasgow with Krautwerk ( Eberhard Kranemann & Harald Grosskopf )
30 June 2017 Refugees Benefit, Leith Depot, Edinburgh organised by Solidarity with Displaced Humans
23 April 2017 Sainsbury's Supermarket, Dundee for Dundee Mental Health Awareness Week
7 June 2015 Buskers, Dundee with Finitribe
22 April 2015 Redd, Dundee with FVNERALS, Panda Su & Leanne Smith.
15 January 2015 Beat Generator Live!, Hookers for Jesus Winter Revue Charity Show with Hookers for Jesus, Pauline M. Hynd, Rowan Wright, [BOX] and Vex.
5 December 2014 Buskers, Dundee with North Atlantic Oscillation & the Dark Jokes.
1 November 2014 Secret Oxjam House gig.
23 August 2014 Secret outdoor charity gig in aid of SAMH and Action on Depression.
27 April 2014 Redd, Dundee with Inuit, Bianca and Stoor.
12 March 2014 Redd, Dundee.
13 October 2013 Buskers, Dundee with the Orb.
10 May 2013 Beat Generator Live!, Dundee with Esperi & Small Feet.
10 November 2012 Balcony Bar, Dundee with VEX, the DDN, (a is to b) and Metal Rabies.
20 Oct 2012 Awakenings Alldayer, Paget High School, Burton on Trent with Modulator ESP, Parallel Sun, Radio Massacre International, Cosmonauttransfer and Terje Winther.
14 August 2011 Doghouse, Dundee
23 Oct 2010 Awakenings, Paget High School, Burton on Trent with Modulator ESP and Ion
8 Oct 2009 Mills Observatory, Dundee
6 March 2009 Hustlers, Dundee with the Wildhouse and an un-named band
18 October 2008 DundeE-Live - The 25th Anniversary Festival of UK Electronica '83 - with Modulator ESP, Vietgrove and John Dyson
21 June 2008 Ardler Fun Day, Dundee with face painting and clowns
10 Dec 2007 Dexters, Dundee with Reverbaphon, Box and the Wildhouse
31 August 2007 Dundee Flower and Food Festival, Camperdown Park, Dundee
11 August 2007 Elemental Arts Festival, Ardfern, Argyll
24 May 2007 Bannerman's, Edinburgh
8 April 2007 Mumbo Jumbo, Bliss & Envy Nightclubs, Perth
with Floyd, Project Reno and Quasimodo
6 April 2007 Rudi and Andy's Bizzarre Dance Night, Westport Bar, Dundee
with RBRBR
8 December 2006 The Subway, Edinburgh
with the Giant Flow, Brother Juniper and Beaches of the Proud
20 October 2006 The Retreat, Flesher's Vennel, Perth
with Maya29 and the Starry Wisdom Cult
5 August 2006 Elemental Arts Festival, Ardfern, Argyll
with The Last Great Wilderness.
30 June 2006 Droothy Neibors, Dundee
with Stoor.
18 June 2006 Baxter Park, Dundee
21 April 2006 Cotton Club, Dundee
CD launch party for Vaarstraat 66's debut album. Also with The Law and Magdalen Green.
13 April 2006 Mills Observatory, Balgay Park, Dundee.
22 January 2006 Post Office Bar, Broughty Ferry, Dundee
with Tartan Riot and the Wildhouse.
13 October 2005 Mills Observatory, Balgay Park, Dundee.
28 April 2005 Doghouse, Dundee (with Isis and Stoor).
3 March 2005 Full Moon Music Club, Bannerman's, Edinburgh
(with Electra, the, The Decibelles, Norman Lamont, Isis, Andy 'Mad Dog' MacFarlane with 'Wench Babe' from Nicotine Fingers and the Chloroform Hookers).
11 December 2004    Het Theatrecafé, the REP, Dundee
(with Evil Robot, Kill Science Now and DJ Splinter).
2 July 2004 Doghouse, Dundee (with Temple Icons and Hennisi).
8 April 2004 Westport Bar, Dundee
(with Hennisi). Read a review on the Dead Earnest website.
10 December 2003 Westport Bar, Dundee
Trans-Avant Electronic Collective event with Interference, Electric Pulse and Box.

Altres Mk1 (1983-1985)

Date Venue
23 February 1983 Tayside Bar, Dundee [more info...]
12 March 1983 Tayside Bar, Dundee
28 May 1983 Tayside Bar, Dundee
10 March 1984 Tayside Bar, Dundee
(Do you see a pattern forming here?)
23 May 1984 Mr Dee's, Dundee
(Can't remember) 1984 City Square, Dundee
27 October 1984 Tayside Bar, Dundee
24 November 1984 "The Venue", Dundee
3 March 1985 Cloisters, Dundee
3 August 1985 Caird Hall, Dundee (Dundee for Africa)
24 August 1985 UK Electronica, Sheffield
7 September 1985 Baxter Park, Dundee [Review]