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Altres at Awakenings
Photo by Xan Alexander.

We really enjoyed playing at Awakenings. Thanks to Jez for putting us on.

Thanks also to Xan Alexander for sending us the photographs he took and to Phil Booth for his photographs and the DVD (view a clip on Youtube). Xan is a member of the Omega Syndicate and Phil is part of Pollard/Daniel/Booth.

Awakenings poster

ALTRES are dusting off the cobwebs once more to play at the next Awakenings event at

Paget High School
Business & Enterprise Centre
Burton Road
Burton on Trent
DE14 3DR [Map]

on Saturday 23rd October 2010.

with Modulator ESP & Ion.

Admission is £10/£5 concessions and performances will start at 7:00pm prompt.

Aquarius Records window

ALTRES double CD-R "Tripping the Dark Fantastic" is now available from Aquarius Records, 1055 Valencia Street, San Francisco, California 94110 U.S.A. email or get it by mail order from their website. Price $11.98.

They've also written a great review - visit the Aquarius website to read it.

Aquarius Records is the best record shop in the world. Go there. Buy stuff.

Peter McGuinnes of Pedro-TV has produced a new video using Earworm as the soundtrack.

Visit for more information.

Overcoming adversity through the power of running!

TTDF cover

ALTRES double CD-R "Tripping the Dark Fantastic" is now available. Disc 1 consists of remastered tracks recorded between 1983 and 1985 by the first incarnation of the band. Disc 2 features tracks recorded since we reformed in 2003, some of which have appeared on various compilation CDs and others which are only available here. The discs come packaged in a slim-line double DVD-style case (cover on the right).

Disc 1 (1983-85):

  1. Golden Country (13:00)
  2. Sometimes Elsewhere (6:44)
  3. Ancestral Calls (Part 2) (4:00)
  4. Snakebridge (11:42)
  5. Wreck (1:10)
  6. Forbidden Zone (7:02)
  7. Icefield (5:06)

Disc 2 (2003-06):

  1. Earworm (7:27)
  2. Brainflame (8:37)
  3. Magiscule Beach (10:38)
  4. Dusktreader (2:26)
  5. Black Point (7:34)
  6. (Shadow of a) Broken Mirror (7:14)
  7. Throb (7:21)

"Tripping the Dark Fantastic" is available by mail order from Compact Disc Services, 40/42 Brantwood Avenue, Dundee, DD3 6EW Scotland, UK, tel: (+44) 01382 776595. Cost is £9.99 plus postage in the UK. Please email them at for full details.

ALTRES are making their first live appearance of 2009 at Hustlers, North Lindsay Street, Dundee.

Doors open 8.30pm. £4 entry.

Also appearing are The Wildhouse and someone else.

Promoted by Andy G of Dead Ernest.

Green Altres
ALTRES go green. Photo by Electra's sister, Erica.

We had a great time at the Flower and Food Festival and didn't startle too many pensioners. Visit Electra's Blog for her thoughts on the day and lots of photographs, including some very large vegetables. See also an excellent review by Andy G on his Dead Earnest site. Cheers Andy!

ALTRES' next live appearence is on Friday 31st August at Dundee Flower and Food Festival from 4:15 to 5:15pm.

That way
It was that way

A great time was had by all at the Elemental Arts Festival, more details to follow...

Two live tracks can be heard on our MySpace page.

ALTRES are making a return appearance at the Elemental Arts Festival in Ardfern on Saturday 11th August 2007. We will be starting at 10pm and stopping sometime around 1am. Electra will be joining us on vocals. It should be fun.

Also appearing on the Saturday night are Kenny Brady & James Miller, The Last Great Wilderness and Box.

Appearing on the Friday night (10th August) are Donald John, Laurence and Chris (Last Great Wilderness), Norman Lamont & William Douglas and the Wheel.

ALTRES posters in Edinburgh

Bannermans gig was very successful - decent crowd and plenty positive comments afterwards.

Electra provided some amazing vocals on a few tracks and did a great job publicising the gig in Edinburgh beforehand.

Ian "Cosmicsurfer" wrote a great review on

Special thanks to Andy "Saved our Bacon" G for bringing Brian's power supply through from Dundee. Here's his review on the Dead Ernest site.

Thanks to everyone who turned up.

ALTRES are appearing at Bannermans, 212 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 on Thursday 24rd May 2007. Electra will be vocalising with us and Cathy from Henissi will again feature on percussion.

Also on the bill are Whale Engineering and Fitzroy Soul. Admission is £4.00.

Westport Bar and Perth gigs were quite successful. We were accompanied by Cathy from Henissi on percussion on both nights. Read what Andy G has to say on the Dead Ernest site. (Thanks, as usual, Andy.)

Altres playing
Altres in Perth. Photo by Neil McIntee.

ALTRES have two forthcoming live appearances.

On the 6th April we are at the Westport Bar, Dundee at "Rudi & Andy's Bizzarre Dance Night". Also appearing are RBRBR from Edinburgh and DJ Scott Lee. Doors open at 8.00pm and admission is free.

On the 8th April we are at Mumbo Jumbo in the Bliss & Envy Nightclubs, Canal Street, Perth. Also appearing are Floyd, Project Reno and Quasimodo. Admission is £5. Doors 10pm. Late Licence.

Poster 1  Poster 2

ALTRES are playing at the Subway, Cowgate, Edinburgh on Friday 8th December 2006 (doors open 7.30pm, admission £3.00). Also playing are Beaches of the Proud, Brother Juniper and The Giant Flow.

ALTRES track "Shadow of a Broken Mirror" was played on the Brno-based Czech radio station Radio Student 107 FM on the show "The Kitchen Sink" hosted by the Shiny Beast and Miss A.K.A. on Saturday 25th November.

This is a great show and would be worth listening to even if we were not on it. It broadcasts every two weeks. Saturday's programme is repeated on Tuesday 28th November at 1am GMT and the next new show is on Saturday December 9th at 11am GMT. It can be streamed online from the Radio Student website - The Kitchen Sink MySpace page is at and has further programme details, playlists, etc.

Thanks Shiny Beast.

Analogy Vol 2 cover

ALTRES track "Dusktreader" features on the new compilation CD Analogy Vol 2 available from Groove Unlimited for $18.49 | £11.25 | €15.75 (plus postage). MP3 sample available on the Groove Unlimited site.

Other tracks are by Rogue Element, Create, Remotion, 4m33s, Gert Emmens, Russell Storey, Kees Aerts, Ron Boots, and other members of the electronic music forum.

Perth gig was a great success and a lot of fun. Andy G has written a review on the Dead Earnest site. Thanks to Andy as always!

ALTRES are playing at the Retreat, Flesher's Vennel, Perth [Map] on Friday 20th October. Also appearing are Maya29 and The Starry Wisdom Cult. Entry £2.00. Altres are on stage at 9.00pm

See you there!

Altres with Electra

Our Elemental Arts Festival appearance was a great success - one of the most memorable and enjoyable gigs we've ever done. We played an extended set and Electra joined us on vocals for two tracks. It rained a bit, but hey, it's Scotland - what do you expect?

They must have liked us - we were asked back next year!

Great event, great location, great venue and, most of all, great people.

Many thanks to Marianne MacPhail for looking after us so well and to Jimmy Miller for suggesting that we play there in the first place.

Two live tracks are available on our MySpace page.

ALTRES are playing at the Elemental Arts Festival in Ardfern, Argyll on Saturday 5 August. We will be performing sometime after 10pm outside the Galley of Lorne Inn. For more details, visit the Elemental Arts and Galley of Lorne websites.

Also playing are Edinburgh band The Last Great Wilderness.

Awakenings Cover

The Awakenings 2006 vol 2 - 2 CD set includes the track "Black Point" by Altres. Details are available on the Awakenings website.

The track is named after the Prague record shop/label - Black Point.

ALTRES played a secret gig at Droothy Neibors, Dundee on Friday 30 June 2006 with Dundee band Stoor. A recording of the entire 23 minute, improvised (with no soundcheck) set can be heard on our MySpace page for a limited time.

Baxter Park gig was reasonably successful despite the pishy weather (it rained). Thanks to everyone who came along.

Altres at Baxter Park in 2006
ALTRES at Baxter Park. Photos by Lynn Guthrie.

ALTRES next live appearance is in Baxter Park, Dundee on Sunday 18 June 2006 from 2-3pm. Admission free.


ALTRES' first recording titled "Rise", which was originally released on cassette in 1984, is now available to download as MP3 files.

Visit the Rise page for links and recording details.

ALTRES played an amazingly well received set supporting Vaarstraat 66 at their CD launch party on 21st April at the Cotton Club in Dundee. (Buy the CD - it's great!) Also performing were The Law and Magdalen Green.

Joe and Brian Mike and Kevin

More photographs are available on our MySpace page.

Event poster

Mills Observatory event was a great success with over 200 people attending. We received many positive comments.

Electra guested on vocals on two tracks. One of the tracks, Misappearance, is available on our MySpace page. Visit Electra's site to read her impressions. Andy G has also written a great review on his Dead Earnest site. Thanks yet again Andy!

Award winning Dundee director and film maker Glenn Millar interviewed us and videoed part of the gig for The video itself can be viewed using this direct link or click on the image below. Glenn's own site is at

Altres video by Glen Millar

Thanks again to everyone who came to hear us. Thanks also to Dr Bill Samson for his continued support.

ALTRES are playing on Thursday 13 April 2006 at the Mills Observatory, Balgay Park, Dundee [map].

Weather permitting - rain + snow + electronic music don't mix.

Free admission. Music starts at around 7.45pm.

Altres celebrate the Equinox!

To celebrate our 23rd anniversary we are making available for free download a recording of our first ever live performance, which was at the Tayside Bar, Dundee on 23rd February 1983. Visit the Live at the Tayside Bar page for links and further information. (Thanks to Jez Creek - Modulator ESP for temporarily hosting the files on his server.)

Contact us if you would like a copy on CD-R if you don't have broadband or access to a fast network.

In the coming months we hope to make most of our 80's recordings available for free download. Let us know if you would like to be informed about this.

ALTRES have made it to the German version of Wikipedia -

Post Office Bar gig was reasonably successful, despite the PA being a bit overloaded and sounding really distorted. Review available on the Dead Earnest site. First track played, titled X, can be heard/downloaded at

ALTRES are playing upstairs at the Post Office Bar, Broughty Ferry on Sunday 22nd January 2006. Also appearing are the Wildhouse, Tartan Riot, Electra and Box. Doors open 8pm, first band on at 9pm. FREE to get in. Presented by Dead Earnest.

Analogy Vol 1 cover

ALTRES track "Brain Flame" features on the new compilation CD Analogy Vol 1 available from Groove Unlimited for $18.49 | £11.25 | €15.75 (plus postage). MP3 sample available on the Groove Unlimited site.

Other tracks are by Create, Remotion, Loren Nerell, Steve Roach, Chuck Oken, Paul Ellis & Steve Roach, 4m33s, Gert Emmens, Syn, Russell Storey, Kees Aerts, Modulator ESP and Ian Tescee, who are all members of the electronic music forum. The idea behind the CD was for the contributors to record their track using only analog synths, hence the title - Analogy.

We may have some copies - contact us for details.

Mills Observatory gig was a great success. Good sized crowd for a dark, damp October night up a hill. Many positive comments. Electra joined us on vocals on a version of Brain Flame - see her website for details. See also Andy G's thoughts on the Dead Earnest site (thanks again Andy...)

Thanks to everyone who came to hear us and to Dr Bill Samson for his enthusiasm and for giving us the opportunity to play at this unique and unusual location.

ALTRES are presenting an "Evening of Space Music" on the balcony of the Mills Observatory, Balgay Park Dundee [map] on Thursday 13th October 2005 (weather permitting - if it's raining we're not doing it!).

We'll be playing two sets of mostly improvised music between 7.30 and 10pm. Come along - it's free!

"Magiscule Beach", from the compilation CD "We Love When We Play" was played on Stellar Attraction, the Progressive Rock Internet Radio Station, on Friday 2nd September.

Thanks to "Inveryes" from the Forum for letting us know about this.

YesFans CD Cover

A new ALTRES track called "Magiscule Beach" is featured on the compilation CD "We Love When We Play". Visit the Forum to hear samples from all 18 tracks and, possibly, buy a copy.

More Altres music is available to download at MySpace -

Download an 8 minute excerpt (MP3 8MB) from the Doghouse gig.

ALTRES played at the Doghouse, Dundee on Thursday April 28th 2005 with Isis and Stoor. See review on the Dead Earnest site or have a look at some photos.

Brian performed a solo concert under the name Alt:res/DFL II on the 20th of April 2005 as a part of the Trans Avant Collective at Droothy Neighbours, Dundee. He used a "collage of sounds I have either made or found, adapted from samples sent by Tony Pucci... and the inclusion of spoken text from Steve Kilbey from the Church, reading parts of his book 'Earthed'."

Visit Tony Pucci's website and the Deep Fathom Light website for more information about Brian and Tony's collaborations.

ALTRES had another successful gig at the Full Moon Music Club in Bannerman's, Edinburgh on Thursday 3rd March 2005.

Also in a packed lineup were: Electra, the, The Decibelles, Norman Lamont, Isis, Andy 'Mad Dog' MacFarlane with 'Wench Babe' from Nicotine Fingers and the Chloroform Hookers.

Amazingly encouraging reviews can be seen on Electra's website and by Andy G on the Dead Earnest site. Thanks to you both.

ALTRES performed live at Dundee REP, Het Theatrecafé on Saturday 11th December 2004 with Evil Robot, Kill Science Now and DJ Splinter. This was a fringe event for the Kill Your Timid Notion festival at the DCA. We didn't record it.

Here's another positive review on the Dead Earnest website - thanks yet again Andy!

Older News

Another successful gig took place at the Doghouse, Dundee on Friday 2nd July 2004 with Hennisi + the Temple Icons.

Visit the Dead Earnest site to see another positive review (thanks again Andy!)

ALTRES feature on issue 18 of the INKEY$ electronic music CD in an interview and with two exclusive, new tracks. Contact Andy G at Dead Earnest for details.

All Altres cassettes are now available as remastered CD-Rs. Contact for more details and see the Recordings page for information about the music.

Very Old News

Brian has two tracks released on a compilation CD under the name Alt:res.
See for details.

Brian has also been collaborating overseas with Toni Pucci, exchanging sound files to create an album called Deep Fathom Light. For more information, and to hear some tracks, visit the Deep Fathom Light website. You can also visit Tony Pucci's website.

Contact ALTRES at

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